Frustrating Facts about Fatigue

Frustrating Facts about Fatigue

Good afternoon fellow Spoonies.
How many of you get called lazy because you suffer with fatigue all the time? There’s a big difference between the two. Lazy signifies that you have a choice in whether you do a task. Having fatigue means that choice is taken away leaves you without many options but to be tired.

If I may reflect for a moment, today is what motivated this discussion topic again. Waking up, I felt pretty good. Thank God, I did not have a migraine the second I opened my eyes. Today, I had a list of things I wanted to carry out. One of these things included going to the gym. I am not able to do this as often as I’d like to. In fact, the past couple months, I’ve only been able to attend a handful of times. I don’t appreciate feeling as if I’m wasting my membership cost. I won’t be able to get this goal met unless I’m able to diligently attend the gym.

Needless to say, I put some clothes on and drove myself down to the YWCA to see what my body could tolerate. Regrettably, I made it for a single hour only, and then had to head out before I passed out from exhaustion. I still had yet to go tanning, which was a good 15 minute drive down the road. My biggest issue was that I was experiencing an extensive amount of fatigue despite limited cardio today. I focused on strength in my legs and my arms. I need help too often with opening up jars or medicine bottles. I realize something has to change, so strength is my goal.

I felt too tired to walk to my car, let alone drive to the tanning salon. I was convinced I would pass out in the bed 20 minutes in. To my disbelief, sleep did not come. I also had pending plans to meet up for lunch. Once tanning was finished, I was operating on nothing but a prayer. Earlier today, I received a text that lunch would have to be canceled due to the person I planned to meet being sick. Despite the unfortunate case of missing the lunch outing, I was thankful that I would be able to rest.

Overall, going to the gym this morning was done for good reasons, but on the other hand, depleted all of my energy despite getting a full night’s rest. I’m sure this same song and dance has been discussed before, but I still can’t believe how severe fatigue becomes after doing so little. Now, I give most of the inconvenience to the brain injury. The more the brain has to work to allow the body to work correctly, the more energy is used in the process, leaving little for anything else. It’s understandable.

Considering that my particular injury happened on the left side of my brain, I can wager that because my mind is always congested with an overload of thoughts, most of the energy is spent on the attempt to keep up a logical approach such issues. Now I know that the left brain controls the right side of the body, but it is responsible for the logical (mathematic and scientific) functions. I have told my audience that I’m a very logical person. I shouldn’t be surprised that I’m always so fatigued, but it still comes as a shock when it happens without doing much to deserve it.
I want to do a bit of research on why fatigue happens and what causes it. Allow me to pull up the Mayo Clinic to see what they have to say on this topic. According to their site:

“Most of the time fatigue can be traced to one or more of your habits or routines, particularly lack of exercise. It’s also commonly related to depression. On occasion, fatigue is a symptom of other underlying conditions that need medical treatment.”

Alright, so mine can be categorized under the condition that requires medical treatment, but also lack of exercise because of the extreme fatigue. Other issues make sense such as: low blood sugar or dehydration. An example: gas is, of course, required for a car to move. However, a car requires a battery to work properly as well. The battery represents the brain, and the gas serving as food/water.

I’m interested in hearing what brings on the fatigue fastest in your situation. Is your fatigue caused by your illness, or other factors? When do you experience fatigue the most? I find that mine hits at 2 pm almost on the dot. I may have 30 minutes of grace time on a good day, but not much else. Lol.

God bless!


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