5 Things to Remember When Reality Hits

5 Things to Remember When Reality Hits

Good Morning, Readers!

I’d like to begin today’s discussion by acknowledging that: I am not God and I cannot and should not have the crazy mindset that It’s my responsibility to solve every problem. I am human. I’m God’s daughter and created in His image, but this doesn’t mean that God expects me to tackle every single complication that may arise. He desires for all of His children to rely on Him to provide for our needs and to have faith that He will handle all issues that we are challenged with in our lifetime. Real talk: I have a huge problem with doubt and worry. I have anxiety like you wouldn’t believe but my real issue is that when I doubt, I ultimately doubt God’s ability to handle the problem without even realizing it.

I had an incident happen the past two days that really scared me. Firstly, I wish to apologize that I had to put my site under maintenance. I am in the process of getting things all set up for my shop on my website. I’m new to this, and have never dealt with computer code (except in high school). Needless to say, I made a mistake which compromised my website and I had to pay to have it fixed. I was very worried and scared that I would lose all that I have worked hard to achieve up to this point.

My real mistake was not trusting in God to have the situation taken care of without me fretting every moment about it. (by the way-always backup your work regardless). I tell God all the time that, yes it’s my goal to use this website that I’ve created to help serve as my career to provide an income since I’m on medical leave for my traumatic brain injury; but the real goal is to spread His name and His word to anyone willing to read it. This website was created for God. He knows that I’m using it as a way to provide income, but God provides for me regardless of the outcome. I find joy in writing and I want to use that gift He gave me to spread His glory to others. 

My mother and I had an evening to relax last night, and we watching the movie I Am Gabriel. My goodness! What a fantastic movie! Please take some time to grab a family or friend and watch it. It’s very worth it. Here is the link for the movie on Amazon:


Ever since I watched that movie, I’ve been re-evaluating how I act and serve God. It’s true that I pray each morning, but is it a genuine prayer? Or am I doing it as part of my morning routine? It’s a bit of both, honestly. I don’t mean for that to happen, but I’m slow to wake and if I don’t follow my routine since having my traumatic brain injury, then I usually forget to do things and I’ve already forgotten to pray before. Of course I’ll remember later in the day and then pray, but Jesus woke early before anyone else to pray, and therefore, I should do the same to put Him first before anything else. It’s true that I am known for multitasking, but God should come first.

The movie gave reality a chance to hit me in the face again, which I need sometimes, and therefore gave me a chance to sit down and reflect.

1. We all make mistakes.

Yep, we sure do. This isn’t a bad thing either. We learn from these mistakes (hopefully) and we grow from them. Sometimes God allows things to happen so that we can have that growth. He would never put us in harms way because He wants to protect us like any other parent would; however, He does want us to learn from the mistakes we make so that they will not be repeated. It’s true that we have free will, and God won’t disrupt that due to what Adam and Eve’s actions caused.

On the other hand, He will protect us and steer us in the direction He wishes for us to, but whether we obey or not is up to us. I forget to pray sometimes. I understand, and God understands that it is because of my traumatic brain injury and short-term memory impairments, but it doesn’t excuse my forgetting to pray because I can write it down, set it in my phone, or take other actions to remember. Praying in the morning helps to ease my fears and worries about what the upcoming day has in store for me and for those whom I love and care about.

2. God is merciful.

This is such a relief! I may have made a mistake, but if I ask for forgiveness from such mistake, I know my Father will forgive me as long as my request is genuine. I can’t keep asking for forgiveness for the same mistake if I plan to keep making it. God knows that I will keep making it even though I don’t have that knowledge. Yet, if I also ask for help to avoid making that mistake along with asking for forgiveness, He will honor it and help me. The same goes for everyone else. God has only your best interests at heart and He wants to bless you, but we also need to show Him that we can be trusted with such blessings. God’s not going to hand out gifts if He knows that it’ll be taken advantage of. It only makes sense that He will be selective of when and who these gifts are given.

This doesn’t mean He wants to play the favoritism game. No, not at all; He wants to bless all of His children, but we have to make sure we prove that our gifts won’t go to waste. I believe that’s fair. I’m in a relationship now (after praying for a good and healthy relationship) despite knowing that I have [in the past] accidentally idolized my boyfriend, making sure that God comes first. I established this in the beginning of us becoming a couple. He agreed and understood, but I learned from my past mistakes that God always must come first above everything and everyone. Praise Jesus for His mercy, because without Jesus’ actions, that connection with God would have been lost. We have to remember number one of the Ten Commandments: #1- Thou shall have no other Gods before me. I speak more of boyfriend idolatry in an earlier posting: http://strengtheningthemuscleoffaith.com/is-he-your-boyfriend-or-your-idol/

3. God will never hold a grudge.

Referring to the truth above in number 2, God won’t hold improper actions against you as long as you ask for forgiveness. In my favorite book of the Bible, the Book of Matthew verse 6:14-15 (ESV) it says: “For if you forgive others their trespasses, your heavenly Father will also forgive you, but if you do not forgive others their trespasses, neither will your Father forgive your trespasses.”

What this is saying is that as long as we show mercy and forgive anyone that does wrong by us, then God will always honor your actions and forgive you as well. He doesn’t want to keep a tab of all the wrongs done in our lives. Heck no; He would rather keep a record of all of our good deeds and wipe the slate clean of our bad ones. This is what forgiveness does; it wipes the slate completely clean of our wrongdoings and gives us a fresh start to learn and do better. I used the word “never” in number 3 because as long as we ask for forgiveness, He won’t hold us accountable for actions that have already been forgiven. 

4. This doesn’t mean you’re a bad person.

Just because reality comes around smacking people in the face, this doesn’t you’re a terrible person. As I said, we all make mistakes. It’s what we do after the mistake was made that truly counts. God never intended for us to think less of ourselves. We are His creation in His image and therefore, if we are harsh to ourselves, we’re telling God that we’re not pleased with His perfect creation.

If God sees us as a beautiful and perfect creation, then who are we to judge the potter’s work? It’s easy to sit here and say all of this being a woman who follows most rules, but what about when I don’t? That’s when I think I’m a crappy person and there’s no way God could think so highly of me. Well, He does, and I as well as all of us, shouldn’t question that. Psalm 139:14 (NKJV): “I will praise You, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made. Marvelous are Your works, and that my soul knows very well.”

5. Try, try again.

You messed up. You’ve made a pretty big mistake. The road doesn’t end there; we were given this life by God with Him knowing full well that we would be making these mistakes. He knew when, how, and why the error was made before it even happened. Yet, He still created you perfectly in your mother’s womb. If we can make blunders and oversights, then we certainly have the ability to try again and correct the problem. It’s not a “one and done” situation where you slip up one time, and you’re on the train down to Hell. We wouldn’t have a lifespan long enough to justify God putting in the effort taken to create us. That’s not what God wants. Again, God wishes for us to grow with His help. We can’t grow if mistakes are made without being given the chance to correct and learn from it.


These are the list of things that I’ve thought about when reality pays me a visit. I’m not the only one who makes a mistake. We all do. That helps me with number 4 and 5. I’m not a bad person, and I can prove it by trying again and learn from the mistake. I know that as long as I ask for God to forgive me, He will and this means He won’t hold a grudge against me. He loves all of us, and He loves me too; I shouldn’t worry about God not being merciful because I know otherwise. I’ve made a lot of mistakes in my 27 years of life, and yet God still provides and blesses me.

I had a breakdown last night. My mother and step-dad got me through it but my depression was coming back. I told them that I’m tired of always being in pain, whether if it’s caused from the migraines from my traumatic brain injury, or from my PFD. Both of which cause tons of pain. After being sick for 15 years from the PFD and then the addition of the TBI in the last 2 years; it really is hard sometimes to stay positive. I’m always tired from the constant fatigue, and I know you out there who suffer with chronic fatigue, or fibromyalgia will certainly understand. So my breakdown was understandable.

Depression can either be caused from a chemical imbalance in the brain or from outside forces (situational circumstances). As of late, my depression has sprung up again due to outside circumstances. My latest mistake was with my website causing me to have fear, worry, and doubt which we are not supposed to have. We are to have faith in God. I named my website Strengthening the Muscle of Faith because faith truly is like a muscle. It must be used to grow stronger. I still need some work in this department.


Can anyone else relate? Which of these reasons listed above can you connect with most, or have the most difficulty with?

Share your responses below!


God bless!



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